Hand Dipped and Hand Poured Candles

A few words about us

We are a Family owned business based in North Ridgeville Ohio.  We are comprised of a Father, a Son, and two Son-in-Laws.


The Cobbler Candle Company has a retail location in Oberlin, Ohio. We specialize in Hand dipped and Hand poured candles.  We make an array of different holiday faces and items for several different  holidays throughout the year.   We also offer a full range of scented jar candles for yor everyday candle needs . 

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Our Team

We have spent many hours perfecting our style of candle making which differs from our completion.  Every candle that you purchase is hand in made in Oberlin, Ohio.


Our goal is to offer the superior quality selection of candles and accessories to both our retail customers and our wholesale partners. We are continuously researching and accepting customer suggestions for new scents.  Every candle that we manufactured is hand poured or dipped at our Oberlin, Ohio location.

TomLaMoreaux- Tom LaMoreaux is our Chief of Production.  He graduated from Ashland University with a Masters in Education.  Tom has worked for many different companies as salesman, managers, and head chef before settling into teaching at Columbia Schools.  Tom brings his vast knowledge of recipes and management to The Cobbler Candle Company to ensure that the product that is coming out of the workshop is superior and one of a kind.  "From working with other companies in the past the one value that I will always stand by is quality.  I will promise to all of my customers that I will put out a quality product that fits the needs of our clientele."

Seth Riley- Seth Riley is our Vice President of Production.  He graduated from Tiffin University with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice.  Seth has worked as a line cook and parole officer for Lorain County.  Seth brings his knowledge of quality control to our workshop to ensure that the product that is coming out of our workshop is what the consumer desires. 

Scott LaMoreaux- Scott LaMoreaux is our Chief of Marketing and Sales.  He is currently still attending Baldwin Wallace University and will be graduating this year with a Bachelors in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship.   Scott has worked as a salesman for a few major retailers including AT&T, Walt Disney Company, and RadioShack.  Scott Brings his knowledge of Sales and Marketing to the Cobbler Candle Company.  He is the public face for the company.  "I want all of my customers to be customers for life.  Not only are we selling a superior product but once you buy from The Cobbler Candle Company you are part of our family."

Chad Smith - Chad Smith is our Chief Financial Officer.  He graduated from Ashland University with a Bachelors in Communications and a minor in Music.  He has worked with an array of different companies as a store manager and a district manager.  A couple of the companies that he has worked for are RadioShack, Sears, and McDonalds.  Chad brings all of his knowledge from his past to The Cobbler Candle Company to ensure that everything is being completed on the backend of the business and to make sure that all of our customers stay customers for life.  "I have been with many companies before that just don't care about the customer.  I went into this company with one goal in mind and that is fantastic customer service"

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